Aged Care

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Our Aged Care service consists of six steps and these can be seen here. The following is an overview of the service itself.

Aged care is an increasingly complex area to navigate and often must be confronted at a time in life when managing such matters can become increasingly daunting and difficult. Often it is the children who must initiate and organise this transition for parents or elderly relatives which can raise a new level of complexity. Issues such as changing legislation, taxation issues, care facilities, types of assisted living RADS (formerly bonds), age pensions/Centrelink, and estate planning need to be considered.

Our advisers are experienced professionals who specialise in managing all facets of aged care and can help with the following:

Assisted Living

As life expectancy is increasing, older Australians are looking for retirement options that provide them with the comfort, security and services they need to enjoy their life. Assisted living units and retirement villages offer great retirement options to older Australians who require less care than that offered by extensive residential aged care facilities.

We understand that the move to retirement and assisted living can present financial challenges and we can assist with managing your assets and navigating age pension options. So let us handle the difficult things while you concentrate on the important move. We can also assist with documentation prior to your admission into your selected "assisted living aged care facility".

Our aged care specialists, after consultation with you, will review your unique position and goals in-depth to determine what financial options are available that can help you make the move to a retirement option for yourself or your loved ones as pain free as possible.

The Age Pension

The Centrelink age pension/Department of veterans Affairs (DVA) pensions provide older Australians with income support to meet the ongoing costs of day-to-day living and retirement. The age pension (means tested) and seniors card (not means tested) also includes a range of concessions and incentives to help older Australians with enjoying their retirement.

Whether you or a loved one are considering the age pension, as your appointed agent we can help prepare your age pension application and review forms. Our aged care specialists can also identify opportunities that may assist with increasing and maximising your pension and ensure you are receiving the correct amount and appropriate pension for your situation.

There are also other important areas that must be considered when transitioning to aged care. We can also assist with:

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During your first consultation, we'll get to know each other and ask you questions regarding your goals and financial situation. We can then determine what your aged care options are, and explain them to you in a clear and understandable way. We will then provide you with information on how we can help you, and the costs associated with our services.