Karen Denyer - Winner of Rotary Pride in Workmanship award

Karen Denyer

“What is pride in workmanship?”

Karen Denyer is the young lady who is the answer to this question.

Karen represents the following

  1. Pride in who she is
  2. Pride in what she does
  3. Pride in who she works for

Karen has been a part of our team with onePlan Financial Planning for just over 4 years. During this time I have seen her grow from being the receptionist to a very valuable part of our team. Karen is not only the “director of first impressions”, but has gained knowledge within the business to assist clients and assist in the smooth running of the business.

The core skills that Karen has developed involve making the client welcome in our office, understanding what their needs are, referring them to the adviser or assisting them herself if she can. Learning is a constant in any profession and industry with technology and fintech services are at the forefront of ours. Karen leads the way in our office to try to make sure we are “tech savvy”, but she also understands the time that is set aside for learning to ensure that we are all up to date with the current literature, strategies, marketing and tools for our trade.

Karen is always the one to say ”yes I will do that” at our meetings. This could be organizing an event, working out how we can business skype, or using technology to deliver plans to clients via a tablet. All of these concepts have been tried and tested by Karen ( usually on me) to ensure that they not only bring efficiencies to the business, but also client satisfaction.

Karen is always there to “step up” and “step forward”. She wants to make a difference, she wants clients to share a unique experience, she supports the team at onePlan Financial Planning, she is loyal to our clients which is ultimately loyal to onePlan Financial Planning.

Karen is proud of who she is, proud in what she does, and proud of who she works for that is onePlan, the team, and most importantly the clients. Most importantly I am proud of her growth, maturity, teamwork and effort that she promotes daily .

Thank you Karen