Our Philosophy

Our clients are encouraged to focus on the long term when investing as markets can be subject to large movements in the short term.

When faced with short term market losses investors invariably panic. This results in “selling low” after “buying high”. Our investment philosophy at onePlan is around buying assets that will grow over the long term, although they may not be immune to fluctuations over the short term.

onePlan’s investment philosophy is built upon the premise that financial markets are inefficient particularly over the short to medium term, and that active management can both add and protect value for investors.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the following principles;

At onePlan we implement our investment philosophy on your portfolios the following ways:

At onePlan we design and manage portfolios with your individual requirements and objectives in mind. This means your investments are handled in the most efficient manner possible and ensures your goals are met.

Our clients are seeking an ongoing relationship with someone they can trust, who will be there for them in the future, who will keep them accountable to the strategies they implement, and keep their financial plan dynamic in order to stay effective despite economic, legislative and personal changes in circumstances.